Linh Dang

As a refugee from the Vietnam War, my family was too poor to have a television, so I learned to stay active by drawing during my childhood. I created anything that was dark and foreboding - reflecting my environment at the time. Now, as an adult, I am drawn to artwork that leaves a person feeling good. My goal is to create art that brings peace, love, and joy to viewers by focusing on the four C's: Composition, Color, Complexity and Compassion. My works are of things that excite me: vibrant colors, whimsical composition, complexity of layering, and the spirit of compassion. When not creating, I like rock climbing, writing, shopping and hanging out at coffee shops with friends.

I have a background in Arts in Medicine. I teach etiquette, book art, stamp making, and art journaling to nurses, patients and cancer survivors. My work has been exhibited locally and has been collected by hospitals, corporations and private individuals in the United States. I have been making oil paintings, monotypes, collages, watercolors and drawings since 2000. I have been managing the Arts & Imagery Program at Stanford Health Care since 2004.

San Francisco
CA 94070
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