Chris Woodford

My interest in Mixology was ignited while in Las Vegas several years ago, where I received several private training lessons from the Head Mixologist of the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. After investing in a home bar, hosting weekly cocktail tastings, and receiving extensive additional training in San Francisco, my passion, knowledge and skills have continued to grow.

Laurie Leiber

If I love it I want to know how to do it myself. I grew up baking because my brothers (four of them!!) had to be nice to me if they wanted to eat what I was baking. I bake for therapy, for fun, and occasionally for profit. Baking is in my genes; my grandmother could bake everything! No one should be forced to eat inferior bagels when they are so easy and fun to make. Why get dressed and wait in line to buy bagels (even really good ones) when you can roll out of bed and (with a little planning) eat freshly baked bagels out of your own oven?

Emilse Beck

I cook, taste, create, research, and breathe food. Gastronomy is my life style and it has been like this even before I was borne. I was born in Argentina from a Korean mother and Spanish father. Both passionate about food and the fusion of these three cultures.

Anne Marie Bonneau

I produce no waste in my kitchen or in my workshops. I am convinced that anyone looking to reduce their footprint, eat tastier food or improve their diet and their health will eventually stumble upon traditional foods made through fermentation. My journey to fermentation instructor began when I went plastic-free in 2011. Attempting zero-waste was the next logical step (more like a half-step). 

Veena Narayanan

My passion for cooking has earned recognition in many culinary circles. In 2012, I was featured in the Cooking Channel, “Re-Inventing the Meal”, where I introduced Indian home cooking. I am dedicated to presenting students with food from diverse regions of India, from spicy tangy curries of Andhra to avial of Kerala which happens to be one of the most popular dishes.

Mari Takahashi

I grew up in Yokohama, Japan, and worked for several multi-billion-dollar American bio-tech and high-tech companies traveling all over the world before changing my career. Before I moved to San Francisco, I didn't realize many Americans don't know real Japanese food, including the history behind them, and why we cook and eat the way we do. When I realized this, I decided to provide the information in the best way I could: by teaching how to cook.

Miggi Demeyer

I was born in Taiwan, formally trained as a dancer, and is a long-time food and wine enthusiast. In 2004 I moved to the San Francisco area and focused on expanding her food and wine knowledge and experience. Graduating with highest honor in Culinary Arts from California Culinary Academy (Le Cordon Bleu Program) in 2008 and receiving my Court of Master Sommelier certificate in 2013, I am an active lecturer, teacher, and writes for several Chinese-language culinary magazines on food and wine. 

Sarah Strehler

I recently relocated to San Francisco from Toronto, Canada, and have been loving life on the West Coast. San Francisco's rich history in prohibition and craft cocktails has further fuelled my existing interest in mixology. As an educator for nearly ten years, teaching others is a passion of mine; combining my enjoyment for teaching with my experience in mixology was a logical next step in my West Coast journey. My teaching goal is for students to always feel comfortable, learn new skills and information, and to always have fun while learning. I believe that the recipe for the perfect cocktail contains ingredients from both science and art - you need the knowhow, the tools, a little practice, and a lot of love!

Vinita Chopra Jacinto

Grew up in India in an amazing family with a wonderful balance of the old traditions and the modern. Graduate degree in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts kicked off a deep interest in foods, nurturing and nourishing the body, mind and spirit. Add to that the study of yoga , Vedas and a passion of sharing and the teacher was born. Continually looking to share my knowledge and experience of foods , spices and healthy cooking.

Lila Volkas

My journey into brewing Kombucha started during the Summer of 2011 when I WWOOFed (world wide opportunities on organic farms) on a blueberry farm on Vancouver Island. The owner of the farm had intriguing jars full of the bubbly elixir that lived in a dark corner of that house. I inquired about her curious drink that she enjoyed every morning and she explained to me how the magic of brewing Kombucha worked. The moment the sweet tangy carbonated liquid hit my tongue, I was hooked.