Joanne Choi

As a wife and mother of three children, ages five, six and eight, I know how hectic life can be. Even though I only work part time, managing to get a hot meal in front of the family every night is something close to a feat of magic.

My son has severe allergies to various ingredients, so I gave up all convenience foods and eating out. This way, I could control all the ingredients and preparation process.

As I began cooking every single meal for my family, I learned that simple foods, properly prepared, go a long way in making for a delicious meal. I believe that every family can have a well-balanced meal for dinner, and it doesn't have to be overly complicated and fussy. I hope that people find a couple of dishes that make them want to COOK for their family tonight.

  • Formerly high school teacher
  • Food blogger for three years, with 1,000 followers 
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