Veena Narayanan

I come from a family of amazing cooks. I get reminded of my Mom's and both my Grandmother's cooking every day when I cook. I try to remember my childhood days when we were on vacation with our family and inviting aroma of their cooking. That always inspired me to cook, to entertain and nurture people around me.

I've been cooking for more than 20 years now but I feel I learn something new every day. I love to collect cookbooks and try new recipes. I always look for something new to learn incorporating what I learn in my recipes and cooking.

My passion for cooking kept me inspired to throw parties every week when we initially moved to this country 18 years ago. I can't think of anything esle I want to other than cook for people and see them enjoy it. My friends who attended our parties encouraged me to start a Catering business 10 years ago and that is how Kamakshi's Kitchen came to be. My husband was and still is my pillar of strength and support. He was my guinea pig for all the recipes I tried initially when I started cooking and till date whenever I try a new recipe. My parents, my brother, my in-laws, my daughter (who is 6) and my husband support me in every way possible and I am lucky to have such loving people around me who encouraged and inspired me in their own from the start to make my dream come true.

My interest in learning new recipes and techniques also instigated the interest in teaching others the art of cooking. I realize that my passion is not only cooking but also teaching others how to cook. I started doing my cooking classes in various non-profit organizations and I saw the interest raising from other people who wanted to learn to cook Indian food. This made me start a website on cooking classes.

My goal is that with the Almighty's grace I continue to learn and grow in the field of culinary arts and along the way impart whatever I know to the people who are willing to learn.

'Survo jana sukhino bhavanthu'- May all the people around the world be happy and content!