Anne Marie Bonneau

I am convinced that anyone seeking to improve their health, lose weight, eat tastier food or reduce their footprint will eventually stumble upon traditional foods made through fermentation. My journey to fermentation instructor began when I went plastic-free in 2011. I’m not a huge consumer, so I generated the most trash in the kitchen. To cut down on plastic waste there, I began shopping more at the farmer’s market, filling up on staples in the bulk sections of grocery stores and preparing everything scratch. When I cut all packaged food, I cut all processed food. My diet improved immensely as a result and I never get sick. I make Sauerkraut and Krautchi; Sourdough Bread using wild yeast; Kombucha; Ginger Beer; Sour Cream, Crème Fraîche and Ricotta Cheese; Salsa and Pickles; and on and on. I'm on a mission to teach people these skills our great-grandmothers all knew—the preparation of traditional foods.

I began teaching hands-on fermentation to my neighbors in 2014. After posting details about one of these classes on Facebook, friends of friends asked to attend and my workshops soon became public. My most popular classes are Kombucha; Ginger Beer; Sauerkraut/Krautchi; and Sourdough Bread made with wild yeast. I also teach online through webinars in order to spread my gospel of fermentation to my far-flung blog followers. I also travel around the Bay Area for speaking engagements about fermentation and zero-waste cooking.

Mountain View
CA 94040