Emilse Beck

I am a professional cook. I taste, create, and breathe food. Gastronomy is my lifestyle and it always has been. I was born in Argentina from a Korean mother and Spanish father, both passionate about food and the fusion of these three cultures.

I studied at the Argentinian Institute of Culinary Arts (IAG) in Buenos Aires. After graduation I started working at “The Ocean Reef”, in Key Largo, Miami; Nobu in London and Gary Danko in San Fransico, among other well known restaurants. After studying Holistic Nutrition at Bauman College in Berkeley, I began teaching nutrition to non-profit organizations and creating awareness with the “Healthy cooking without recipes” in private events. My most recent project is Lunch Zense, which was born to address the problem of busy professionals, like my husband, compromising their health by skipping lunch or eating poor options around the office.