Laurie Leiber

I grew up baking.  With four brothers it was the only way to ensure they were nice to me!  These days I bake for therapy, for fun, and occasionally for profit. Baking is in my genes; my grandmother could bake everything.

I changed careers eight years ago - after 28 years in Public Health advocacy - to become a Pilates instructor. It turns out I love teaching, but not just Pilates. I accidentally discovered the secret to baking amazing bagels and invited friends over to learn how. They loved the class and suggested I offer it to the public. Bake Your Own Amazing Bagels was born.  No one should be forced to eat inferior bagels when they are so easy and fun to make. Why get dressed and wait in line to buy bagels (even really good ones) when you can roll out of bed and (with a little planning) eat freshly baked bagels out of your own oven?

So I have a Master's Degree in Public Health, I'm a certified Pilates instructor, and I love to teach bagel making!

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