Nik Bertulis

I was born and raised free-range in Seattle, Washington where I studied its streets, and myriad surrounding ecosystems: oceans, rivers, mountains and islands.

I studied Ecological Design from Colorado College in 1998. My professional experience includes establishing environmental programs at Merritt College and San Francisco Art Institute. My love for plants and animals led me to work in habitat restoration and edible landscapes with EarthCorps in Seattle, Living Structures in New Mexico, CEDICAR in Mexico City, and as co-founder of the DIG Cooperative in Oakland.

Lisa Burrell

I have always been a lover of herbs and health. After college, I traveled to India and Nepal to trek and had the dream of learning traditional medicine. I spent an amazing time in the foothills outside of Kathmandu apprenticing with a monk who was soft and kind. Most of our lessons took place outside with the town children surrounding us. He first thought I should learn Tibetan, via my scarce Hindi. The children loved hearing me pronounce words and they roared with laughter.

Sarah Strehler

I recently relocated to San Francisco from Toronto, Canada and love my new life on the West Coast. After leaving my Kindergarten classroom behind, I have been exploring new opportunities for personal and professional growth by blending my expertise in education with my hobbies and interests. During my teacher training, I specialized in Early Childhood Development and I adopted a whole child approach to my teaching practices. I believe that providing positive learning experiences with teachers, peers, and parents helps children develop a healthy self-concept and love of learning. My teaching pedagogy mixed with my practice of using art as an expressive creative outlet helped create the curriculum for the Wonderful World of Washi! I hope to inspire parents and children to explore the depths of their relationship and creativity during my class!