Nik Bertulis

I was born and raised free-range in Seattle, Washington where I studied its streets, and myriad surrounding ecosystems: oceans, rivers, mountains and islands.

I studied Ecological Design from Colorado College in 1998. My professional experience includes establishing environmental programs at Merritt College and San Francisco Art Institute. My love for plants and animals led me to work in habitat restoration and edible landscapes with EarthCorps in Seattle, Living Structures in New Mexico, CEDICAR in Mexico City, and as co-founder of the DIG Cooperative in Oakland. My projects have ranged from helping to start the first Certified organic agriculture program by and for Mexicans with the government of Mexico City, to designing and building an eco-sanitation facility for an agro-forestry research institute in Hawaii. I have taught several Permaculture Design certification courses. 

Currently, I manage a non-profit sustainable living center called PLACE, and work part time for Rehuman, an ecological services firm when I'm not snorkeling in West Marin doing juvenile salmon counts for the Watershed Alliance of Marin.

I speak Spanish, German and a little Lithuanian and am an avid gardener, tinkerer and bicyclist. 

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