Siri Scull

Like other healers, my passion for health and wellness originated with my own quest to feel healthier. My digestion was thrown out of whack after extended travels abroad in 2000 which made me aware that my health was no longer something I could take for granted. I began to believe that proper digestion is the cornerstone for so many bodily functions including the immune system, energy levels, and even to emotional/mental functioning.  

Nik Bertulis

I was born and raised free-range in Seattle, Washington where I studied its streets, and myriad surrounding ecosystems: oceans, rivers, mountains and islands.

I studied Ecological Design from Colorado College in 1998. My professional experience includes establishing environmental programs at Merritt College and San Francisco Art Institute. My love for plants and animals led me to work in habitat restoration and edible landscapes with EarthCorps in Seattle, Living Structures in New Mexico, CEDICAR in Mexico City, and as co-founder of the DIG Cooperative in Oakland.

Lila Volkas

I embrace yoga as a lifestyle both on and off the mat through my relationships, art and connection with the earth. I started my yogic journey in 2010 when I was living in Vancouver, Canada during my undergrad . My yoga practice became my safe space and laboratory to explore my relationship with my body as well as with my mind. I noticed that when I moved my body with my breath that I could melt away accumulated stress and emotions, while starting to I develop a deeper sense of awareness.

Lisa Burrell

I have always been a lover of herbs and health. After college, I traveled to India and Nepal to trek and had the dream of learning traditional medicine. I spent an amazing time in the foothills outside of Kathmandu apprenticing with a monk who was soft and kind. Most of our lessons took place outside with the town children surrounding us. He first thought I should learn Tibetan, via my scarce Hindi. The children loved hearing me pronounce words and they roared with laughter. 

Ian Fletcher

I am an unorthodox but knowledgeable economist, former Washington lobbyist and author, who would be interested in teaching economics to people who are interested in the subject but put off by the usual academic BS that surrounds it. If you want to learn radical economic ideas, but ideas that are actually true and not some quasi-Marxist nonsense, I'm your guy.

Denise Benatar

I practiced law for 15 years and hated it. I was looking for a different way to live my life and to think differently. Somehow, I ended up teaching undergrads at Stanford and stumbled upon the For two years, I have been learning how to apply the beauty of design thinking to living a more peaceful and fun life. Design thinking has changed my life and my whole perspective on how to move forward.