Siri Scull

Like other healers, my passion for health and wellness originated with my own quest to feel healthier. My digestion was thrown out of whack after extended travels abroad in 2000 which made me aware that my health was no longer something I could take for granted. I began to believe that proper digestion is the cornerstone for so many bodily functions including the immune system, energy levels, and even to emotional/mental functioning.  

When a friend introduced me to Chi Nei Tsang, a form of abdominal massage, I was amazed by how much it alleviated digestive issues and brought about a deep relaxation I had never before experienced. I began studying at the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in Oakland, CA with Gilles Marin where I eventually received my certification. I've also spent time in Thailand studying both Chi Nei Tsang and Thai massage.

As my understanding of the body and energy developed, I became more and more interested in what we put into our bodies and how food affects overall health. I went on to earn a certification as a Nutrition Consultant at the Bauman College in Berkeley, CA. I help clients develop healthy nutritional plans that include food, herbs, and natural supplements. I've been amazed by the improvements I've seen in even my own energy and digestion since making changes to my diet.

The biggest challenge I saw both in myself and with clients was the difficulty we can encounter when trying to implement and follow through with healthy practices. Sometimes we really want to make healthier choices, but when we are stuck in certain habits, change isn't so easy.
When I was studying massage in Thailand, I met a hypnotherapist that showed me how effective hypnosis can be to change thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve one's best self. Through hypnosis, I've learned that it is not only what we put into our bodies that is important but also how we do it with stress taking the biggest toll.

I've been amazed by how helpful hypnosis can be, not only for health, but also for a whole range of emotional issues. Ultimately, when we are feeling better emotionally, we benefit physically as well. I trained and received my Certificate of Hypnosis in New York with Melissa Tiers, author of "Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change."  

I practice massage, hypnotherapy, and give nutritional consultations at my new office space, the SF Healing Collective, at 1500 Market Street at Van Ness Avenue.  Depending on the needs of my clients, I often weave the different modalities together which makes for very comprehensive and deep work. (Check out my "combo sessions" when viewing my rates.)  I find it immensely satisfying to see clients get back on track with their own sense of physical and emotional well being.

San Francisco
CA 94102