Lisa Burrell

I have always been a lover of herbs and health. After college, I traveled to India and Nepal to trek and had the dream of learning traditional medicine. I spent an amazing time in the foothills outside of Kathmandu apprenticing with a monk who was soft and kind. Most of our lessons took place outside with the town children surrounding us. He first thought I should learn Tibetan, via my scarce Hindi. The children loved hearing me pronounce words and they roared with laughter. I soon got sick and had to head down the mountain to the Red Cross, where I met a monk. She told me I should do a meditation retreat, and gave me all the information. It was starting soon, a ten day silent meditation retreat. I had no idea what I was getting into and jumped on board. I had never meditating before and here I was in ten days of silence! It was amazing, the best decision I had ever made. A simple tool, that was always available to help me navigate life and learn truth -- although far from easy. There were many tears, half the time I had no idea why, but it cleansed me. With the addition of yoga, we learned more about active meditation. Our paths are not always what we expect, but if we pay attention, the magic is everywhere.

  • Meditating over 20 years
  • 200 hour YTT cert
  • Certified massage therapist
  • Teaching yoga for 7 years
  • 15 years working as a PM in Finance and digital delivery
  • 4.5 years as a mother, my favorite job
San Francisco
CA 94127
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