Lila Volkas

I embrace yoga as a lifestyle both on and off the mat through my relationships, art and connection with the earth. I started my yogic journey in 2010 when I was living in Vancouver, Canada during my undergrad . My yoga practice became my safe space and laboratory to explore my relationship with my body as well as with my mind. I noticed that when I moved my body with my breath that I could melt away accumulated stress and emotions, while starting to I develop a deeper sense of awareness.

I learned that yoga doesn't have to be super serious! My yoga embraces playfulness, dance and compassion for oneself. I feel that it is my dharma (life's purpose) to help people feel embodied and create a meaningful connection with themselves. 

Movement is my daily medicine- moving our bodies is such a potent form of expression. Other forms of motion I love are: dancing, hula hooping, biking and hiking.

  • A certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance
  • Completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Laughing Lotus Yoga in San Francisco, California
CA 94703