[SF] Clear Cabinets, Clear Gut, Clear Mind

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[SF] Clear Cabinets, Clear Gut, Clear Mind

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When I cleared out and organized my kitchen cabinets, I can't tell you how much lighter I felt! I hadn't realized how much my old, discombobulated cabinets were basically cluttering my consciousness. It occurred to me that the junk we are constantly ingesting and exposing our bodies to follows the same line of reasoning. The only difference is that we can't open the cabinets of our body to see what is stuffed in the back corners, forgotten and rotten.

What we can do, is cleanse from the inside out, with a combination of detoxifying herbs, healthy, fresh foods, and positive visualizations. We can abstain for a period of time from some of the unhealthy foods, substances and thought patterns that accumulate in the cells of our guts, organs, brain, and everywhere else and express themselves as fat, lethargy, and dark circles under the eyes, just to name a few.

Each week you can expect to:

*Learn why cleansing from time-to-time is so important
*Learn what foods and substances might be good to try weeding out for a period of time
*Learn what is important to feed and replenish your body during the cleanse
*Try various cleansing herbs and teas
*Identifying what are the main culprits that get in the way to feeling clean in your body, space, and mind. (What prevents you from being your healthiest self? What negative loops in your mind hold you back from feeling your brightest self?)
*Make personal commitments around: 1) changes to diet 2) cleaning space 3) reframing negative thought patterns
*Receive the support of guided hypnotic visualizations to make the whole process easier
*Be part of a group of committed participants so you don't feel like you're doing it alone


WHEN : May 4,11,18,25 Wednesdays 2016, 7pm-9pm

WHERE : San Francisco, CA 94102, details to be included in confirmation




 Siri Scull  Hypnotherapist & Nutrition Consultant

Siri Scull

Hypnotherapist & Nutrition Consultant