Jacob Ferrero

After picking up programming on a graphic calculator at the age of eight, I've been stuck with it ever since. It's a deep passion of mine and will be for a long time to come. My passion revolves around the ideas that modernize industries, invest in the betterment of the human, and upgrade the world. I bring the above and beyond wherever I go.

David Casuto

I started my first computer training company (Senior Surf - www.seniorsurf.org) in 2004 after working closely with my dad, who is a senior, and realized that there was a need for such a service. More importantly, I realized I enjoyed it so much. I volunteered for a bit at a retirement community, then in 2008, I started San Francisco Computer Training (www.sfcomputertraining.net) whose focus is training students on Office, Adobe products and general design skills for the general public and organizations.