David Casuto

I started my first computer training company (Senior Surf - www.seniorsurf.org) in 2004 after working closely with my dad, who is a senior, and realized that there was a need for such a service. More importantly, I realized I enjoyed it so much. I volunteered for a bit at a retirement community, then in 2008, I started San Francisco Computer Training (www.sfcomputertraining.net) whose focus is training students on Office, Adobe products and general design skills for the general public and organizations. 

I now train on most all tech topics including graphic design, web design, Office, but WordPress and web design is up there at the top because my students receive so much gratification from the creative process and seeing their work go live. 

I love to teach and love technology. And I love giving the gift of knowledge to my students. 

  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technologies
  • Currently teaching for UC Berkeley, SFSU, UC Santa Cruz, and AcademyX
  • Taught over 2,000 students
  • Adobe Certified Instructor
San Francisco
CA 94107